Today we are going to discuss about the best Reactjs UI frameworks/library in 2020 that we can try and the list of UI frameworks for Reactjs is increasing day by day but we are going to focus on the some of the best Reactjs UI frameworks/library in 2020.

1. Material UI

material ui for reactjs
Blog React Material UI

Material UI is one of the best UI framework available for Reactjs. It have 53,585 stars on github. You don’t need to setup additional config to work with the material UI. It uses the Google guidelines so you can expect an awesome UI from it.

2. Semantic UI

Reactjs Semantic UI
Blog React Semantic UI

The semantic UI is a famous Reactjs UI framework which is used by Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft as well. The semantic UI have 10.k stars on the github.  Semantic uses simple phrases called behaviors that trigger functionality.

3. Ant Design

UI Ant Design
Blog React Ant Design

Ant Design is the world’s second most popular UI library for Reactjs. They have 55369 stars on the github. Ant design is written using typescript , it have enterprise level components and they also have Internationalization support.  It works on Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+ (using polyfills) and supports server-side Rendering. 

4. Elemental UI

UI library  2020 Elemental UI
Blog React Elemental UI

This library have 4.3K stars on the github. It’s a simple ,flexible but powerful UI framework for Reactjs.  Elemental is designed to be installed from npm and built into your project with browserify or webpack. 

5. React Bootstrap

Reactjs UI React bootstrap
Blog React React Bootstrap

React bootstrap is rebuilt for Reactjs so that it can use the virtual Dom instead of using the jquery. You can get a little feel of twitter UI from it but it’s in the Reactjs so you can exact minimum code. The React-Bootstrap component library tries to follow the React.js philosophy that a single piece of functionality should be defined in a single place.

If you have not checked easiest way to drag elements in reactjs you can check here.

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